What if LeBron was on the Warriors and KD on the Cavs?

Some would say that KD has surpassed LeBron as the best player in the world, but I think LeBron is still a far greater player than Durant. Here’s why: If they were to switch teams, I believe the Warriors would’ve swept this year’s playoffs 16 – 0 and the Cavs wouldn’t have even made it to the Finals.

When comparing these two players, LeBron is the type of player that clearly makes his teammates around him better while still being the leading scorer and rebounder on the team. Not only does he boast incredible value on the offensive end, LeBron often guards the opposing team’s best player. This two-way dominance is what makes him the most dangerous and valuable player in the league despite being 32 years old.

However, on a pure scoring scale, KD is more effective than LeBron. KD is a seven-footer with guard skills. The league has never seen an offensive talent like him before, ever. But when comparing KD to LeBron on other areas of the game, LeBron far outmatches him. As Shaq recently said, “[LeBron’s] a mixture of Michael, Shaq and Magic. Shaq, because he’s bigger and stronger than everybody. Michael because he can score whenever he feels like it. And Magic because he does a great job getting everybody else involved. He’s been like that his whole career.”

Now let’s compare how each player would fit within the Warriors and Cavs if they were to switch teams.

Let’s start with the Warriors and LeBron. As his shirt in the Cavs’ 2016 NBA Championship Parade said, LeBron would truly be “The Ultimate Warrior.” LeBron would be inserted into an absolute offensive juggernaut. With the Splash Brothers on each wing, Draymond to assist with defense and playmaking, LeBron would make this team the best team in league history. Period. With this lineup, there’s no reason why LeBron couldn’t average 15 assists per game while scoring 20 – 25 points and snatching 10 rebounds. When compared to the rest of the league, there’s no competition. LeBron has said that he’s never played on a super team despite playing in Miami with D-Wade and Bosh in addition to his current Cavs’ roster, but this Warriors team truly would be a SUPER team.

Next, let’s look at the Cavs and KD. Unlike his current situation with the Warriors, KD would be expected to carry a much heavier load in Cleveland. Other than Kyrie, the Cavs lack playmakers as evident by LeBron’s complaints throughout the 2016 – 2017 season. But KD has been in a similar situation before. When playing in OKC, KD was really the only playmaker on the team, obviously other than Russell Westbrook. But as we saw, KD wasn’t able to lead his OKC squad to a championship.

KD might win multiple championships in the next few years, but because of his amazing supporting cast, we can’t downplay how great of a LeBron is despite being 3-5 in the Finals over his career.