What if LeBron was on the Warriors and KD on the Cavs?

Some would say that KD has surpassed LeBron as the best player in the world, but I think LeBron is still a far greater player than Durant. Here’s why: If they were to switch teams, I believe the Warriors would’ve swept this year’s playoffs 16 – 0 and the Cavs wouldn’t have even made it to the Finals. Continue reading “What if LeBron was on the Warriors and KD on the Cavs?”

Everyone Needs to Stop Comparing Giannis to Kevin Durant

Giannis Antetokounmpo, a.k.a the “Greek Freak,” is one of the most versatile players in basketball today with the ability to pass and guard all five positions while standing at a height of nearly seven feet. The only other seven footer we’ve witnessed in recent memory with as much versatility as the Greek Freak is Kevin Durant. While both players have freakish measurables and would’ve been considered aliens if they stepped on an NBA floor fifty years ago, they’re both two completely different players. Continue reading “Everyone Needs to Stop Comparing Giannis to Kevin Durant”

Lonzo Ball is the Lakers’ Second Chance

D’Angelo Russell was drafted in 2015 with many believing that he had Magic Johnson’s passing skills, but Magic just passed on him. Having just traded Russell, the Lakers now have an opening for the point guard position and are in a very similar situation they were in two years ago with the opportunity to draft Lonzo Ball, a 6’6” point guard praised with his elite vision and passing ability. Continue reading “Lonzo Ball is the Lakers’ Second Chance”

The Boston Celtics Shouldn’t Resign Isaiah Thomas

For the past three years, the Cavs have been the team ruling the East led by King James. At age 32, King James’ dominance has been unprecedented. We’ve never seen an athlete continue to perform at the peak of his game with the mileage that James has accumulated since being proclaimed “The Chosen One.” That being said, the Celtics have been slowly gaining ground on the Cavs over the past few years with smart trades, accumulation of draft picks and a rising coaching stud in Brad Stevens.  Continue reading “The Boston Celtics Shouldn’t Resign Isaiah Thomas”

Paul George Won’t Bring the Lakers a Championship

Paul George – a proven star, elite two-way player and a son to the City of Angels. Exactly the type of player the Lakers have been so desperately searching for to carry the torch from the legendary Black Mamba. Despite this seemingly match made in heaven, Paul George isn’t their savior. Continue reading “Paul George Won’t Bring the Lakers a Championship”